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VRF System

We are one among the well established and well reliable firm in the industry for supplying several top brands of air conditioners. We are well known and renowned firm for our quality centric products and services. VRF Air Conditioners from various reputed brands are available in our Creative Power Controls. These VRF Air Conditioners are high quality air conditioners which has the luxury for operators to control entire building from one place. VRF Air Conditioners from our firm are made with premium grade technologies which are energy efficient and flexible as well.
These VRF Air Conditioners are ideal for apartment blocks and for places where there is multi zone requirement. These are flexible for the fact that they can be connected to one outdoor unit and can control multiple indoor units with the same control system. These VRF Air Conditioners comes with energy saving technology and require low maintenance. Moreover we have these VRF Air Conditioners for sale in reasonable prices.